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Health And Medicine

Health And Medicine

Trekking in Nepal need not to be considering a risky affair as far as your health is concerned. However, very little medical care along the trail is available, so make sure you are physically fit and healthy before departing. In case of serious illness or injury, prompt evacuation to Kathmandu is the best remedy. Helicopter rescue service is extremely expensive. Neither the Government of Nepal nor your embassy nor the trekking agency (if you are trekking with one) is responsible for footing the bill. Therefore, you are requested to insure for rescue operations as well.

Himalayn World Adventure strongly recommended that you get an overall physical examination before starting any trip. Minor problems can lead to major troubles when you are far away from medical treatment. It is good to have your mind at ease. It is mandatory that you carry travel and medical insurance. Make sure that your insurance policy is comprehensive and includes emergency evacuation.

Attitude sickness often known as acute mountain sickness (A.M.S.) may occur when people ascend too quickly normally in altitudes of over 3,000 m. We strongly recommend trekkers to include some rest days into their trekking itineraries for minimal risk. Click Here for more information about AMS.

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